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Paper is indispensable in the washroom area, both for cleaning in the WC areas and drying hands due to the continual use of water. However, the products made for this specific purpose are not always suitable for all needs, or safe for all skin types and for the environment. In the washroom area, it’s essential to always have the right handtowels and the right toilet paper, which must be soft, comfortable on the skin and able to guarantee top performance. Carrara Professional products offer top quality, because they are made from carefully selected raw materials. In addition, the paper used by Carrara Professional is dermatologically tested and certified as compliant with all the environmental standards in force for responsible forest management. Carrara Professional guarantees a complete service for the washroom area, also supplying paper and soap dispensers and other washroom accessories.



In the medical, healthcare and wellness sector, the safety and high quality of paper products is essential. Products must be disposable, and medical drapes and face tissues are the most appropriate items at the service of patients. Carrara Professional’s dedicated products guarantee reliability, safety and constant quality, offering an excellent service for professional operators working in this area.




In the working areas of any business, the cleanliness and hygiene of the premises and the products manufactured there must always be up to standard. Tissue paper products are the most appropriate for some types of cleaning. With its range of professional wipes, Carrara Professional is able to guarantee high quality standards in terms of results, comfort and performance. Each product is studied for a specific purpose, and Carrara Professional dispenser systems help operators to carry out their functions, with a constant eye on environmental and social sustainability.

Table Top


Areas where food is consumed outside of the home increasingly require disposable products, to guarantee hygiene for the consumer and keep the dedicated areas scrupulously clean. Paper napkins – indispensable for any business that serves food, along with disposable or fabric tablecloths and placemats – have become a furnishing accessory for the table, and must be able to enhance the setting they’re used in. Soft napkins, comfortable to the touch, must also be manufactured using carefully selected fibres, so they are also safe for the skin. In addition to offering one of the widest ranges of napkins and tablecloths on the market, Carrara Professional strives daily to guarantee maximum reliability for the consumer.